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The Implications of Having a Baby

Posted on: December 1st, 2011 by admin No Comments


Many mothers, especially new mothers are often excited about having their first child. They do all sorts of things that later they would term as crazy…going for shopping long even before conception or even buying a baby cot. Well, that is pretty good but there are things that are more important than this that need to be considered. Let us have a look at them:


Well, you may be aware of your body being your unborn baby’s habitat but maybe you haven’t taken a keen interest in what this means. This means that you will have to house your baby until it is fully grown and ready for delivery. Your body has to support this and it means that you need to be in a perfect state of health. This means quitting some of the bad habits like smoking and drinking so as to prepare the best environment for your growing baby. You should also eat healthily.

Other than nutrition, you also need to keep exercising so as to keep your energy up and ensure that you can keep exercising even after you become pregnant. This will prepare you for the physical changes you will experience during labor and delivery.

If you are overweight, you may consider losing some of your weight so as to increase your chances of conceiving faster.


It is good to realize that very soon there will come another human being that will demand most of your attention and affection. This is especially if it is the first born. As a mother, you may absent mindedly ‘forget’ your husband. Before the pregnancy is the time to cement your love and build this relationship the more. You need to think ahead and plan for ways that you will still get time to be together even with your little angel around. Start loving the kid even before it comes around. Envision those moments that you will have to send him around because you will not be in a position to do some of those things yourself. Let him know that even then you will still be loving him and not ‘using’ him.

Work on your relationships with your neighbors, family and friends. However independent you think you are, you will need them once in a while. Maybe a friend to walk the afternoon away with or to send to the shop when you experience the common craves during your pregnancy.


Pregnancy is not something that you will just get into. You need to come to terms with the fact that some life will be forming in you..It may or may not have happened before but yes, you will be carrying a living being that will take you nine months to see it complete and ready to live on its own-outside you. When you realize that you are pregnant, it is not going to be the beginning of a certain sickness that will last you nine months as many have taken it to mean. It instead will be the beginning of some lasting happiness. Well, you may experience some unrest but these are just hormonal changes that are in favor of your growing baby.

You also need to get ready for the upcoming responsibilities and also your new title-mom! This is not just a name, in it lies millions of responsibilities that you will learn how to perform. This is because you were not born a mother; you learn how to be one. You become!

When you plan for pregnancy, it becomes very easy to go through it. The most common way is to go shopping but that is not the most important. There is your health to check, your relationships to cement and your psychological preparedness.